Under $10? Really?

In my world, craft projects need to check off three requirements in order for me to start them:
  1. Will it be enjoyable to make?
  2. Will it serve a purpose after it is finished?
  3. Will making the project fit into my budget?
That is why I started All Cheap Crafts.  I wanted a resource for crafters that would provide projects that were fun, functional, and could be completed for less than $10.  And I work my hardest to find projects that fit the bill.

The projects on All Cheap Crafts can be completed for less than $10, assuming you have some basic crafting staples on hand already.  Here are some examples of materials that I consider on-hand staples:
  • scissors
  • glue
  • paintbrushes
  • tools like screwdrivers and hammers
The cost of buying such staples isn't included in the $10 budget for these projects.  

If you are a new crafter and need to build up your toolbox of craft staples, here are some helpful tips for purchasing them on the cheap.
  1. Shop thrift stores, garage sales, and the ReStore.  You can find gently used craft and DIY materials for much less than retail prices.
  2. If you must shop retail, use a coupon.  Most major craft stores have weekly coupons for as much as 40% off a non-sale item.  Use them wisely. 
  3. Keep an eye on the All Cheap Crafts facebook page.  I will try to post good sales and coupons as I find them.
  4. Shop the dollar store!  You can find perfectly good craft tools and supplies at the dollar store.  (Dollar Store Crafts is an AMAZING resource for craft projects using materials found at dollar stores!)
  5. Have a Craft Party!  Invite your friends and pool your resources.

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