Welcome to All Cheap Crafts!  I am Jessica Hill, and I love to craft on a budget.  I started my first blog, Mad in Crafts, to keep track of the ways that I decorated our home without breaking the bank.  Now I have started All Cheap Crafts to highlight the creativity of bloggers around the web and to provide you with a resource for inexpensive craft projects.

Crafting is a creative and productive hobby, and one that doesn't have to be costly.  Here on All Cheap Crafts I aim to share fun craft projects that add functionality and beauty to your home.  And each of these projects will cost you less than $10 to accomplish!

If you have a fun, functional craft project that costs less than $10 to make, I want to hear about it!  Please fill out THIS FORM so that I can find your project and feature it.  If you have been featured, you can grab a brag button HERE.

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