Friday, September 13, 2013

Caitlin of Desert Domicile: On Trend and Under Budget


When I first stumbled upon the blog Desert Domicile, I was duly impressed with the stylishness of Caitlin’s DIY projects.  It wasn’t until I started leafing through her project gallery that I realized that those stylish projects also qualified as cheap crafts! 

Name:  Caitlin

BlogDesert Domicile

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Best Cheap Crafts:


DIY Dip Bowl Succulent Planters


DIY $8 Faux Malachite Boxes


DIY Gold Leaf Wood Slice Coat Hangers

Favorite source for cheap craft materials:

Locally: Michael's. They can be overpriced if you don't use a coupon or hit a decent sale but when I do, I always have good luck finding cheap supplies.

Online: Save on Crafts – Great for when you need to buy bulk supplies!

Why she makes cheap crafts:

I like the challenge. Sometimes I'll see an item for sale that's either out of my budget or more than I'd like to spend on it so I'll try and figure out a way to make it for less. For example, the faux malachite boxes I made were inspired by a $200 version that I fell in love with but couldn't afford. Other times I'll have a vision of a specific something I want for my house but I won't be able to find the perfect version of that vision for sale anywhere. I created my gold leaf wood slice coat hangers and dip bowl succulent planters for that reason :)

Tips for cheap crafters:

Always use a coupon (or two!) if you can! Big box craft stores like Michael's and Joann's accept coupons on your smartphone now so you don't have to waste paper printing them out. If they offer a big coupon like 25% or 40% off your entire order for example, stock up! Speaking of stocking up: always check your craft supply stash before buying new supplies. You may have some old brushes buried underneath a stack of scrapbook papers that you forgot about. Not that I would know or anything...

TERRIFIC TAKEAWAY: Load your smartphone up with craft coupons!  The big three stores all accept digital coupons, and they usually honor competitor’s coupons as well.

Thank you, Caitlin, for sharing with us!

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