Friday, August 16, 2013

Maggy Woodley: The Kid Crafts Creator


Red Ted Art is an incredible resource for inexpensive craft projects, for both adults AND kids.  Every grade school teacher should have the blog bookmarked.  Maggy Woodley is the creative mind behind Red Ted Art, and she has also written a book of the same name, Red Ted Art: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids.

Name: Maggy Woodley      

Blogs: Red Ted Art, Life At The Zoo, Theatre Books and Movies

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Best Cheap Crafts:

Dog-patterns13Scottie Door Stop

Egg-Carton-Spring-Crafts2Egg Carton Fairy Blossoms

Easy-Owl-Pinata-Craft-check-out-our-[2]Paper Bag and Post-Its Piñata

Favorite source for cheap craft materials:

Our recycling box – we love using TP Roll Tubes, Egg Carton Boxes, old newspapers, old boxes.. anything. Kids go through so many art supplies, that using “junk” is the best way forward – it manages cost, but also is more environmentally friendly. I gets kids looking at their environment with new eyes and stimulates imagination – they are always asking “what can we make from this”…

Apart from that a good quality white glue, masking tape and acrylic paints – acrylic paints are not cheap, however, use them carefully and sparingly and they will make your craft projects last longer.

Why she makes cheap crafts:

I have always enjoyed the process of creating. But it frustrates me when you “make something” that it can often cost more than a shop bought item. Homemade things should also be thrifty – you are giving your creativity and time and not money. It is a way to make loving and thoughtful gifts for people that do not cost the earth.

Also, I am very into recycling and not “wasting” and crafting with upcycled materials is a great way to reuse things.

Finally, when craft materials are expensive – I am always intimidated by them” – I worry about “making the wrong thing” and then never end up using it – if that makes sense. Using recycled materials gives you a sense of creative freedom, you can just make!

Tips for cheap crafters:

Most definitely look into your junk box, reuse old clothes that cannot be given to the thrift store and use nature to craft with (sticks, stones, pinecones, shells). Add basic craft materials and you should be fine!

TERRIFIC TAKE-AWAY:  When you are making homemade items, you are spending creativity and time, not money.  Some projects that cost less will take you longer to make, but are worth it in the end!

Thanks, Maggy, for sharing your fantastic creative tips!

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