Friday, August 30, 2013

Elise Engh: The Form and Function Crafter


Elise, of the blog Grow Creative, lives on the line where fine art becomes applied art.  She uses her art school background to elevate her handmade crafts to combine form and function.

Name:  Elise Engh

Blog: Grow Creative

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Best Cheap Crafts:

DSCN0057 - Copy-watermarked




DSCN5164 - Copy


Favorite source for cheap craft materials:

I really love thrift stores. There are so many items that can be made new with a little paint or cleaning. I also like Michaels. I check their clearance section often and always use coupons.

Why she makes cheap crafts:

I have a very limited budget for crafting so I try to use what I already have.  I also like the creative challenge of trying to create beautiful things without spending a lot of money. 

Tips for cheap crafters:

Keep your craft space organized. That way you don't forget about or lose craft supplies and have to buy them again later on. It's better to be able to see what you already have on hand and work with what you've got. Also, don't be afraid to save recyclable items like cardboard, junk mail, or lids.

TERRIFIC TAKEAWAY: Keep your stash organized so you don’t buy materials you already own.  It’s good to save items you might use, but don’t become a hoarder!

Thank you, Elise, for your good ideas!

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