Friday, August 2, 2013

Aunt Peaches: The Style Aficionado

aunt peaches flower hat

It takes a designer’s eye to combine inexpensive, even throwaway, materials into swank-looking projects, but Peaches pulls it off.  Her projects always have an indisputable stylishness to them that is rare in the crafting world.  Creatives put a little bit of themselves into every project they create, and every Aunt Peaches project is as unique as she is.

Name:  Aunt Peaches

Blog: Aunt Peaches

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Best Cheap Crafts:


Berry Baskets


Ticket Stub Art


10 Minute Marker Caddy

Favorite source for cheap craft materials:

My recycling bin. I have a hard time throwing away anything that I know I can reuse for a craft. I find myself buying certain products just because I want the option of reusing the package for a craft project. It’s a bit of an addiction.

Why she makes cheap crafts:

For the most part, I don’t like keeping that stuff I make. After a week, all I will see are the flaws. It’s best if I give it away or toss it. It’s best that I don’t let anything I make feel too important or precious. It makes passing things along much easier.

Tips for cheap crafters:

Shake up your creativity! Challenge yourself to make something without buying any new supplies. Or have a friend select one random item out of your closet/garbage/craft cupboard and built a whole project around it. See what happens!

TERRIFIC TAKEAWAY: Challenge yourself!  It takes a creative eye to see how a roll of red tickets can be wall art, but look at how fantastic Peaches’ project turned out.  Try looking at everyday objects and asking yourself,  “What else could this be?”

Thanks, Peaches, for the creative inspiration!

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  1. Aunt Peaches is the the Queen of Crafting on the Cheap and an excellent writer, some of her posts have filled my heart with joy and others have brought me to tears while others have have caused me to nose blow coffee all over my computer screen! Can't get enough of my Aunt Peaches! BTW isn't she such a a beauty in her coffee filter hat? I am so lucky! She gifted me that hat, I'll send you a copy of my pic in it if you like, when I have it done.


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