Friday, July 19, 2013

Mark Montano: The Accomplished Artist


If you think Mark looks familiar, there’s probably a reason.  This cheap crafter has hosted or co-hosted 5 TV shows (I remember him best from While You Were Out and Ten Years Younger), written 10 books, and made his mark on the crafting world with his bold style and ingenious use of uncommon materials.

Name: Mark Montano


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Best Cheap Crafts:

pencil case
Decoden Pencil Case (video tutorial)

bobby pin hats
Tiny Hat Bobby Pins (video tutorial)

dollar store necklace

Favorite source for cheap craft materials:

Seriously addicted to the dollar store. Here in Los Angeles they're called 99c Stores. Amazing! There is another store called Dollar King which is nuts. They have a craft section and sell DecoArt paints there for 99c.

Why he makes cheap crafts:
Crafting should be fun and craft fails shouldn't break the bank.

Tips for cheap crafters:
Recycle, use what you have, be innovative and spray paint everything.

TERRIFIC TAKEAWAY: Mark’s point about the cost of craft fails is a great one.  When you are using inexpensive craft supplies, it is much less stressful to try out new techniques or ideas since the pressure to succeed is reduced.  So much easier to junk a $5 project than a $50 fail!

Thanks, Mark, for giving us your expert cheap crafting advice!

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